We choose the freshest and most qualitative ingredients.

On this page we will lead you through all the stages of production of ice-cream on the factory Lasunka.


Scroll down and you will know how your favorite ice-cream "Grand Prix" is cooked.

We thoroughly check them in our certified laboratory.

Now we can start the ice cream preparation :)

We mix all the ingredients with a mixer.

Filter the mixture from clods which did not melt.

Right after that - pasteurization - heat treatment of the mixture

You only have to choose your taste.

This is it, in the freezing machines we harden the ice-cream at a temperature -20 - 30 0C, for 40 minutes and then it comes out with the temperature of - 12 0C.

One of the processes - maturation of the mixture.

Then our future ice-cream goes to the homogenizer.

In a big reservoir the mixture increases viscosity, the structure and content of the sheath of fat balls are changed.

There, under pressure, big balls of milk fat split into the smaller ones.

It takes at least 4 hours!

Freezing - the mixture turns into grand cream-view mass with the help of its beating and partial freezing.

Finally we begin on shaping the ice-cream: from the freezer the mixture goes to the dispenser and fills up the sugar cone.

Then we add topping or jam.

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